The Palladium Challenge

Promoted by IPMI and Sponsored by Nornickel

Areas of Research

Projects from any field of science and technology can participate in the competition. However, palladium applications in the hydrogen economy (including hydrogen storage and cleaning films, catalysts for electrolyzers and fuel cells, and hydrogen sensors), battery technologies (with palladium as a battery energy density booster), sensors, industrial catalysts or alloys are seen as the most promising areas of the research.

Who Can Participate

Participation in The Palladium Challenge is not restricted. All laboratories, universities, individual scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs with a great idea are encouraged to participate.

The Palladium Challenge Criteria

The winner(s) will be determined by a panel of renowned experts in science and technology and the PGM market. The panel’s decision will be based on the following key criteria:

  1. The scientific novelty of the proposed project
  2. Economic feasibility and sustainability of the project
  3. Minimum annual palladium demand in thousands of troy ounces generated by the proposed application